The Fluid Mechanics Transport Phenomena group studies many aspects of fluid mechanics and how it affects the world we live in. We work on a wide range of subjects ranging from drag reduction to wind turbines.


Slippery-Liquid-Infused-Surfaces (SLIPS) promises drag reduction in turbulent flows, but the science is still unknown. Experiments and theoretical predicitons are used to understand scaling parameters and to form design guidelines.

Theory and Experiments Together

We use novel instrumentation, smart experimental setups and theoretical predictions to answering fundamental questions about turbulence mixing and heat transfer.

Dynamic Similarity in Wind Turbines

Dynamic similarity is a core concept in any model testing; all non-dimensional parameters in the model test must be matched to what is experienced by the full-scale model, to accurately simulate the flow field. We use unique experiemnts to achieve full similarty in Wind turbine measurements.



Membrane Distillation

Investigations of the transport of heat and water vapor across the membrane in Membrane Distillation processes as well as desalination processes.  With focus on the involved fluid mechanics.